Friday, October 12, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I love the fall. Well, what I get to enjoy of it. In Indiana it goes from really freakin' hot to freezing cold. We get a "fall" for all of two weeks. By Halloween, it'll be (practically) snowing. I've already have my car windows frozen over at least once so far this season. Although it seems like I'm bitching about fall, I really do love it. This summer was so hot, it was just not even pleasant. I did some really neat things, though. In no real order, this summer I...

1. Got to meet the band members of my favorite band, Incubus.

It was amazing. They sat at a long table and we went along one-by-one shaking their hands and making small talk. I had nothing really to say to Kilmore (DJ), Ben (bassist), & Mikey (guitarist), but had a nice chat with Brandon (vocalist) and Jose (drummer). Afterwards we took the picture above & all the other guys kind of wandered away except for Brandon. Someone asked him another question then he shook hands again with everyone standing around. That time he shook my hand WITH BOTH OF HIS HANDS. It was awesome :) About half of us that met them got upgraded to front row tickets. This wasn't the first time we got to see them front row, but it was even more amazing since I got to see my favorite song played live.

Here's a view from our seats. I recorded the video and wasn't watching, so my bad for covering up the video in parts haha.

And here is a video from our show from the drums. You can see us directly to Brandon's left and underneath the tallest cymbal in the middle of the screen - we are next to one of the guys with the huge video camera. @22 seconds in the video, my boyfriend leans over and whispers "If not now, when" in my ear to tell me which song it was. Like I didn't already know.

2. Moved into my first apartment.
I'm now partially into month 2 and it's been crazy. We actually moved in on my birthday and D had to work all day. My awesome parents helped me move in the pouring rain. I don't have any pictures yet, but it's still a working process. BE PATIENT. >:(

3. Became the fur-mom of two kittens.

Evie & Luna. We originally bought Luna from a breeder for a hefty amount of money. Then we decided she needed a friend when we moved into our place. So, on the same day we moved, I went to Petsmart and adopted a kitten. She came to us a little sick and as it turns out - she's got cat herpes. Go figure. We were told she was like 10 weeks, but when we took her to the vet, she ended up being almost a month older than Luna. So, we lucked out there. I really wanted two cats close to the same age. Day by day I'm beginning to regret that decision. They are crazy and get into everything. I love them, though. Luna is queen-bitch & Evie is our lover and overall dope. Both love being kissed and loved on. Evie likes to be kissed directly on her nose and mouth, which is a little sickening after you watch her lick her own butt for 5 minutes straight. I'll probably end up with pinkeye or something like that.

4. Revamped my Etsy shop.
I decided that AreYouStuffed no longer applied to my shop considering I started offering so much more than sewn creations. I love not having to be limited to one thing and this will hopefully open up more possibilities. I'm always working on my product photography, but I think that it has helped me out so far. I'm trying to make time to get a ton of new things added before Christmas, but if you are needing ornaments or stockings, let me know. I love doing custom items. :) Shameless plug.

5. Became obsessed with Mad Men.

Okay, so technically we are still catching up, but I really love this show. AMC makes the best effing shows out there. Side note, I'm really looking forward to the new season of Walking Dead on Sunday!!! ANYWAYS- Mad Men. I feel like I'm just so apart of the lives of these characters and I feel scared when they are scared. Nervous for them. It's ridiculous. We are flying through the episodes on Netflix. If you haven't watched it, you really should. It's nothing like what I originally thought it would be.

6. Started this blog.
As if I didn't have enough going on, I started this blog. I have one follower (thanks - you rock!), but I hope that I can hopefully attract more people to follow me. I promise that I will be adding loads of neat things over time. A lot of stuff I'm going to add, I'm waiting to do it until I at least have some sort of following. Doesn't make sense otherwise. SO FOLLOW ME, FOOLS.

7. Went to King's Island & to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in ONE DAY.

Yeah, 'nuff said. I, unfortunately, didn't get any pictures because even though we had floor seats - THEY SUCKED. The Peppers were absolutely amazing live, though. And King's Island is always really fun. :) We were exhausted after being in the sun all day and I was feeling sick before the show started, but it ended up being a lot of fun. The long drive home from (like 2 hours, ha) Cincinnati was annoying, but worth it.

I was going to make a list of things I did this summer that was at least like 10 or something, but really I have nothing else much to write about. The summer went by too fast, but I'm looking forward to next summer already. Did you do anything fun this year? What are your plans for the fall?

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