Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Over a year later

Well, it's officially been over a year since I've posted to my blog. Things have been super crazy and super wonderful. Here's a quick update on my life at the moment.

I broke up with my now ex in December of last year and started dating Ryan (officially) in February. Seemed to be moving on fast but that's just the way it happened. A friend of mine introduced us at a mafia party (if you haven't played this game, try it) and we've clicked ever since. 

I look like crap but I love this picture because of how ridiculous Luna & Evie look. Yep, I still have them ;) 

Speaking of the cats, they are just as ridiculous as ever. They (still) do weird things and I love them. Luna loves Ryan way more than me but Evie is my girl. 

I moved about 2 hours away from where I used to live and am now living solo with these two beaches. Ryan stays on occasion but technically it's just me living there. 

After my breakup I realized I needed to make a life change. I really felt as though becoming a Christian was the way to go. It kept weighing really heavy on my heart and I decided to "give it a try". I had a boyfriend in the last that was a "Christian" and did horrible things to me so I shunned it. I wasn't an atheist or agnostic or anything, I was just indifferent. It's been nearly a year since I accepted Jesus into my heart and I can honestly say I'm still struggling with the whole thing. It's been a hard adjustment since I haven't been taught the Bible so I'm learning it all for the first time at 23 years-old. It's been tough but I have my whole life to figure it out. 

Finally, after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 19, I'm finally taking it seriously. My weight has bounced around a bit, but now I'm gradually gaining back the weight I lost even when I'm working out more consistently and eating right. I realized after all this, that I am clearly going to have to get back on the medicine and possibly make an even bigger change. When I was first diagnosed my doctor kept bringing up trying a gluten-free diet to help with the weight and my disease. I never wanted to bother with it, but now I'm wondering if it isn't the reason why I have a ridiculous amount of stomach pains. It's hard to know what could be causing my different symptoms since the thyroid problems and gluten intolerance problems have some similarities. Either way, I'm starting my GF diet with the new year. 

So, how was your 2013? 

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